Monday, December 14, 2009

ActiveSesame: Refocused and Gemified

ActiveSesame, my ORM library for interacting with triple stores via the Sesame 2.0 protocol, is now a Gem. Significant changes were made to my initial dump of source on github. There is still much to do including:

  • Optimize triple neighbor methods by using SPARQL's DESCRIBE query

  • Finish writing the fuzzy ontology behavior for generating guided folksonomies1

  • Test CONSTRUCT SPARQL queries

  • Make writing SPARQL queries easier

  • Make adding triples easier

To install ActiveSesame simply run:

gem install activesesame

For documentation on use and some helpful links/comments about semantic web technologies go to the github wiki page.


1A Guided Folksonomy is a term I coined 2 years ago. It's a method of bootstrapping folksonomies with ontological information. The most obvious would be using ontological terms as auto-completion options for a tagging system. I'll link this to the article or blog post once I get around to writing it.